Monday, January 4, 2010

Seriously??? Not the best way to start off the first day back to work in 2010...

I woke up late, with a terrible headache - probably due to the lack of sleep because of Reid and his withdrawals from his bottle. I then head out to the kitchen and find that my coffee maker has thrown up all over the kitchen counter and floor. It's a mess. Things stay calm after cleaning the mess up, waking, feeding, dressing the boys....until we start on our way to daycare. About four or five blocks away from our house, he says. "Mommy, my seat belt!" I turn around and sure enough, forgot to strap him in. (What was I thinking!?!) When I pull over to get out and get him properly and legally situated, I get bombed on by a bird...right on the tip of my nose!!!! SOOOOOO gross! When I get cleaned up and disinfected, Reidy has managed to remove his shoes and socks, which isn't that big of a deal, but just another thing to add to the annoyance of the morning. After I manage to get the boys to Judi's, I'm jonesing for a cup of joe, not only to try to snap out of this funk, but also as a quick attempt to ease the pain of this monster headache. Lets just say that didn't go as planned. I ended up with a sticky, overfilled, dripping all over my pants, disgusting cup of coffee. I was tempted to drive right back home and call in sick to work, but I do have to say that by lunch time things had started to right themselves again and the day has, so far, gone pretty good. That HAS to be one of the best things about working with family....they always sympathize with you and know how to make you laugh it off!

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Call Family said...

Hey Katie-So good to see you posting-I miss seeing people post-Amanda and Adelle rarely do and even I slack at times!

Sucks when morning start like that but you are right-being around family is always a good mood helper!