Monday, March 12, 2012

Time? What time is it?

Marley is almost already one year old come April 18th!! It's just not fair. Someone please convince my husband that three is not enough! :(

Oh well, I love my children and know that more than three might be pushing it. They are the loves of our lives, but maaan if we don't go non-stop from sun up til sun down. Having one completely laid back kiddo would've beeen nice....just sayin'!

I wish I had more time to write and put down in words the happenings in the Armenta clan, but free time is almost non-existent anymore. Between the kids, work, sports, school, church and extended family, it's amazing that we squeeze sleep in there.

Daddy's having a blast coaching sports for the boys and getting to be that base of knowledge during the first years. (Oh who I am kidding - we all know Danny will probably coach every sport, every year for each one of our kids. I just hope he leaves Marley's softball and volleyball for me! Haha) Tee ball is just about over and then there is a break with sports for a while, but we have plans for swim lessons and possibly swim team if the opportunity presents itself. We shall see....

Till next time my friends.......if time allows. ;)