Monday, March 12, 2012

Time? What time is it?

Marley is almost already one year old come April 18th!! It's just not fair. Someone please convince my husband that three is not enough! :(

Oh well, I love my children and know that more than three might be pushing it. They are the loves of our lives, but maaan if we don't go non-stop from sun up til sun down. Having one completely laid back kiddo would've beeen nice....just sayin'!

I wish I had more time to write and put down in words the happenings in the Armenta clan, but free time is almost non-existent anymore. Between the kids, work, sports, school, church and extended family, it's amazing that we squeeze sleep in there.

Daddy's having a blast coaching sports for the boys and getting to be that base of knowledge during the first years. (Oh who I am kidding - we all know Danny will probably coach every sport, every year for each one of our kids. I just hope he leaves Marley's softball and volleyball for me! Haha) Tee ball is just about over and then there is a break with sports for a while, but we have plans for swim lessons and possibly swim team if the opportunity presents itself. We shall see....

Till next time my friends.......if time allows. ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Thursday, August 4, 2011


So I have been out of blogging for over a year! OOPS! :(
Since my last post, we have welcomed a new member to our family...our beautiful Marley Rae. She was born April 18th and is a little ray of sunshine! Her big brothers love her very much and I find myself constantly reminding them to give her a little room! Marley has definitely completed our family - we love her sooo much! Cole will be starting kindergarten on the 22nd this month and Reid will start Preschool on the same day. We will also find ourselves signing Cole up for flag football. Let the madness begin!! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010


Opening day is quickly approaching and we are so excited!! It's been waaaay too long since I've heard Vin Scully's voice. :)

I really hope the Dodgers start off with a bang and have a great season. I just read this morning that Russell Martin is injured (groin muscle) and probably won't be ready by opening day, but we can just hope for the best and hope that the back-up catcher uses this time to shine! I'll have to start programming the DVR to records my shows once the baseball season starts because it seems that when it does, that's all that is ever on our television. :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

M, m, m, myyyyyy Cole & Reidy :)

My little rays of sunshine are growing up tooooooo fast. I love the little individual personalities and independence, but still miss the 'baby' phase. Sooooooooooo, we might have to just start working on changing that soon! :D

Monday, January 4, 2010

Seriously??? Not the best way to start off the first day back to work in 2010...

I woke up late, with a terrible headache - probably due to the lack of sleep because of Reid and his withdrawals from his bottle. I then head out to the kitchen and find that my coffee maker has thrown up all over the kitchen counter and floor. It's a mess. Things stay calm after cleaning the mess up, waking, feeding, dressing the boys....until we start on our way to daycare. About four or five blocks away from our house, he says. "Mommy, my seat belt!" I turn around and sure enough, forgot to strap him in. (What was I thinking!?!) When I pull over to get out and get him properly and legally situated, I get bombed on by a bird...right on the tip of my nose!!!! SOOOOOO gross! When I get cleaned up and disinfected, Reidy has managed to remove his shoes and socks, which isn't that big of a deal, but just another thing to add to the annoyance of the morning. After I manage to get the boys to Judi's, I'm jonesing for a cup of joe, not only to try to snap out of this funk, but also as a quick attempt to ease the pain of this monster headache. Lets just say that didn't go as planned. I ended up with a sticky, overfilled, dripping all over my pants, disgusting cup of coffee. I was tempted to drive right back home and call in sick to work, but I do have to say that by lunch time things had started to right themselves again and the day has, so far, gone pretty good. That HAS to be one of the best things about working with family....they always sympathize with you and know how to make you laugh it off!